In honor of Labor Day, a powerful image by photographer Dorothea Lange

[Dorothea Lange. Kern County, California. 1938]

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Issac Brock of Modest Mouse, Hudson Music Project, outtake, 2014

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Genius at it again.

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All of my favorite things in one picture

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This is from when I went to see modest mouse friday and met Isaac Brock front man of modest mouse was such a sick night 

Please tell me how. I’ve been to 3908437 MM shows and have yet to meet him…

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The first and last lines from every full-length Modest Mouse album! 

Inspired by x, x, and Modest Mouse’s awesome album titles!

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  • Rolling Stone: Did you know Frank Ocean was gay before he came out last year?
  • Tyler, the Creator: Yeah, I was one of the first people he told. I kinda knew, because he likes Pop Tarts without frosting on them, so I knew something was weird. But that’s my nigga.

Fav post on this site

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A child’s skull prior to loosing it’s baby teeth

children are terrifying little hellbeasts and I want you all to know this from a medical standpoint

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